“I had pain in my knee on and off for about 10 years following a football injury. Nobody was really able to help me. The pain became heightened when training for a charity run. Jo advised that acupuncture would help, and one treatment and I have no pain whatsoever. Totally brilliant and I would highly recommend using Mid Suffolk Physiotherapy”

Graham, Elmswell




“I twisted my knee whilst out dancing and was in a lot of pain, and even had to use crutches as I could not walk comfortably. Jo did a full assessment and told me what was wrong and treated me with fantastic results. She gave me a routine of exercises to do and I can now walk comfortably and dance to my heart’s content with no pain! Thanks Jo!”


“I suffered really badly with pain from arthritis in my knees and my son found Jo’s details online. I had seen several physiotherapists before but with no improvement. Jo explained that she would use pulsed magnetic field therapy and acupuncture to help to reduce my pain and swelling and I was amazed! In just 2 sessions I felt so much more comfortable, and now I go and see Jo once every 6-8 weeks to help keep my pain at bay. This treatment really has changed my life. Thank you”.  


“I woke up one morning with really bad neck pain and went to see Jo. She was able to tell me the problem right away and did just 3 treatments with her machines and acupuncture and now I am pain free. She gave me advice about posture and a routine of exercise to prevent my problem from coming back. I would really recommend Jo. Thank you.”


“I was playing football and twisted my knee in a bad tackle and it became very swollen. I went to see Jo and she did a thorough assessment and told me I had torn my anterior cruciate ligament. She told me that I would require surgery and wrote a letter to my GP to refer me. I had the surgery and did my rehabilitation with Jo and now can play football again. She gave me an exercise programme which had videos that I could view on my Ipad which really helped me remember to do them! Would definitely come and see Jo again if I have any more injuries”


“I had really bad sciatica for about 3 months and was told I would need injections but would have to wait up to 4 months. I was recommended to see Jo and she came to see me and gave me acupuncture and advice about what I should and shouldn’t be doing, as well as positions to rest in at home. I can now walk, sit and sleep comfortably and have no need for injections now. Excellent knowledge and treatment, thank you”

Kelly, Ipswich

Mary, Bury St Edmunds

Elaine, Stowmarket

“I'm so glad I saw Jo. I'd had an ongoing back problem and had seen other people with no joy. She was recommended to me by a person I work with and she took the time to listen to me, fully understand my problem and solved it virtually overnight in one session. Great follow up advice with exercises. Couldn't be happier and couldn't recommend her higher. Thanks Jo."

Michael, Stowmarket

Jack, Bury St Edmunds

John, Woolpit