There are a variety of treatment options available and each individual will require a different approach. Your Physiotherapist will carry out a full consultation and physical assessment and then explain what the best treatment will be for your condition. You are welcome to have somebody accompany you for treatment if you wish.



This is a non-invasive and pain free treatment for many soft tissue conditions. It has a thermal effect on the tissues so you will feel a deep warmth during treatment, which feels very soothing on sore muscles and joints. It uses electric and magnetic fields to speed along the rate at which the tissues heal. It does this by increasing the activity at the cell membrane, and therefore allows a more efficient flow through the cells.

Pulsed Shortwave Therapy

This is a non-invasive, pain free treatment in which an applicator head with some cold water based gel is applied directly to the skin. This treatment uses sound waves to excite cells in the soft tissue in order to increase blood supply and reduce inflammation and scar tissue. It is used for many soft tissue injuries.



This is a pain free and non-invasive treatment. PMFT aims to speed along the natural healing process and attract cells which lay down a new blood vessel network (angiogenesis). This helps to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling. This treatment was approved for its use in speeding up fracture healing by the American FDA in 1979. It can be used through plaster casts so there is no need for it to be removed for treatment. It also works to reduce pain from arthritis, tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis and many other soft tissue conditions.



Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy - (PMFT)


This involves gently mobilising specific joints and soft tissues in order to increase range of movement, reduce pain and allow optimum function. This can be used following an injury, or indeed to prevent injury.




Interferential Therapy

This is a widely used, non-invasive treatment for acute and chronic pain. It utilises two medium frequency currents to help to block pain signals and improve circulation. Adhesive pads are applied directly to the skin and a comfortable tingling is felt. This is a pain free treatment. This is used for back and neck pain, sports injuries and many other soft tissue conditions.





Low Level Laser Therapy

This is a pain free and non-invasive treatment. This is an extremely powerful 5W laser which speeds along the rate at which cells function to improve blood supply, decrease inflammation and to reduce pain. This is used for fracture healing and can penetrate a plaster cast with ease so there is no need for the plaster to be removed for treatment. It is also used to aid wound healing and to treat shingles and many soft tissue conditions.



This aims to reduce tension, improve circulation and relax. Massage can be carried out to reduce muscle spasm following injury, or on a regular basis to prevent muscle spasm or tightness and improve performance.  



You will receive a full consultation and a personalised exercise programme where appropriate.  This will be emailed to you, complete with video link or printed off for you to continue at home.


Personalised Exercise Programme


This aims to help to reduce pain by reducing the sensitivity of tissues by altering the pain pathways in the brain and spinal cord. It also causes the release of various different chemicals that are responsible for pain reduction, such as Endorphins. Acupuncture can also be used for general wellbeing, to improve symptoms of menopause and to improve mood. Your physiotherapist will explain this treatment to you in more detail prior to carrying out any treatment. All of our needles are single use, and this is an extremely safe and effective treatment. This is used widely for most joint and tendon pains. You are welcome to have somebody accompany you for treatment.